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Our sponsors EPIC Skateboards are revolutionizing the way we travel with their range of innovative electric skateboards.
Cruise the streets of the gold coast reaching speeds of up to 35kms p/h , take one off road, down stairs or even on the beach.
They have a massive range of completely rechargeable electric skateboards.
The owner and designer of Epic Skateboards, Adam Riley built his first electric skateboard at the age of 15 as a school project back in 1991 using a bike chain, lead acid battery and a wired hand control. Since then Epic Electric Skateboards have come a long way, now all Epic skateboards have a wireless hand control with speedometer, headlight and a 5 bar battery indicator so you know when the board needs to be recharged.

They come with features such as lead acid or lithium batteries which get you over 1000 charges, regenerative braking so the power goes back into the battery when the brake is used and the option of a slow speed setting for when your just starting out and a fast speed setting for the more advanced and a reverse mode.

Auto power off after 5 min on the board and 3 min on the hand controller, so if you forget to turn either the electric skateboard or the controller off they turn themselves off for you so you can enjoy your next ride without either battery going flat. You also have the option to purchase a built in horn in the hand controller and an alarm.

Head to epicskateboards.com.au to see the entire EPIC range.