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Custom Neon
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Originally founded in Australia, Custom Neon is an award-winning company that now offers stunning custom made signs worldwide. Their signs are handmade in Australia, the US and China and sold in over 50 countries to consumers, artists, small businesses, and some of the world's biggest brands.

Their story begins in Geelong, Victoria, where entrepreneurs Jake and Jess Munday launched an LED neon sign business. Leveraging their experience in product development and social media marketing, the company created custom LED neon signs for local businesses, weddings and events.

The combination of high-quality signs and the ability to custom-design to customers’ specific requirements led to explosive growth, leading Jake and Jess to invite a couple of e-commerce industry veterans to partner with them. Matt & Teresha, with over two decades of experience in online publication, marketing, and product sales in the UK and US, saw the potential to help the company expand beyond its initial market. They proposed a rebrand from the original Neon Collective to Custom Neon® and developed new e-commerce websites to target three major markets with a clear, powerful brand.

As the international orders grew, they saw the need to increase their staff and production capabilities. They added to their teams in Australia and the US, including operations manager Kit, and by early 2020 it was clear that they were getting too big for the workspace they had. They moved their Australian operation into an office and production workshop with space to accommodate a quickly expanding team and in-house fabrication. As sales in the US and UK overtook Australia, they increased their teams in all three locations.

Our mission is to be the most loved and trusted LED neon supplier. We live by the philosophy that art should be approachable, with easy-to-design, on-trend LED neon signs. We design and create handmade neon signs for every conceivable space or event.

Turn your company logo, a favourite song, quote, child's name, or even the shape of your dog into a colourful neon sign, table lamp, aesthetic neon sculpture, or wall light. Modern LED neon knows no limits!

Design your own Custom Neon & light up your space NOW