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MyPayNow is revolutionising Australia's outdated system of being paid weeks or up to a month after the work has been done. Until now, employees have been paying the price for their employer's inability to pay their staff in real-time. MyPayNow gives you a better way to get paid. Join the revolution.

We believe every single working person around the world should have instant access to their wages. We believe in a world where connectivity creates community. MyPayNow is connecting the financial ecosystem with real-time wages to empower us all. The results are real benefits such as rewards, discounts, investments, savings and more. MyPayNow has brought your pay, to today. Next, we look forward to helping you take control of your future.

We are committed to reducing stress caused by delayed wages. We promise to keep your information private and secure. Through our use of cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence (AI) we promise to keep the whole process quick and simple for you. When life happens, MyPayNow will be there. Always.