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Celebrity Ink
Celeb Ink  


Celebrity Ink™ originally started as a small tattoo studio in Phuket, fast forward 10 years and our reputation remains unmatched. We have created a global enterprise with studios in Surfers Paradise, Southport, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya, Bali and New Dehli. Celebrity Ink is the biggest tattoo brand in the world. People often ask ‘WHY CHOOSE CELEBRITY INK?’ its because we are committed to delivering a safe sterile working environment for our customers and staff along with producing breathtaking tattoos.

We have core values and do everything in our power to ensure 100% customer satisfaction along with complying to the highest levels of hygiene. Our clients always go home speechless, our tattoos speak for themselves. Our customers return time and time again, sometimes even just to say hello. Celebrity Ink has a passion for presentation of fine body art. We are upfront with our customers right from the beginning we will quote our jobs, there will be no hidden extras or hourly rates to worry about going over your budget, that way we can take our time to achieve maximum results without costing you a fortune. We will only allow licensed tattoo artists to work in our studios.

Celebrity Ink™ isn’t just a tattoo studio we are a brand, a brand people can trust. We are a trademarked company with a board of Directors, Ceo, Managers, Sterilisation Technicians, Graphic Designers and 100+ full-time tattoo artists around the world. We are serious about business and we are always looking for ways to improve so we excel your highest expectations. We treat every customer personally and as individuals. Our staff will always be honest and give you expert advice with an artistic opinion. As a valued Celebrity Ink™ customer we will always offer competitive prices in comparison to our competitors. Our customers are people that care about their health and tattoos that they will be proud to display for an eternity.’ We stand behind our name.’

When visiting a Celebrity Ink™ anywhere in the world you may notice the stars we display on our floor and walls, the money we raise from selling the stars along with our own money we donate gifts to local schools, charities and orphanages. Being such a successful business we think its really important to give back to the local communities.

Check out Celebrity Ink Surfers Paradise at the Beach end of Centro Surfers and Australia Fair Southport next to the cinemas