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Thursdays 9-10pm & Sundays 6-7pm

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Originating on the sunny Gold Coast, with a lil bit of european flavour,' Taglo' is a unique individual. His love of trance/progressive music can no longer be contained and must be released for everyone to here!

Thus, comes his show "INSOMNIA".

Bringing you the latest and classics of vocal trance, giving the Gold Coast a chance to listen to whats hot at the moment in Europe.

Taglo has played at a string of clubs including :
Shuffle, Blush, MyBar, Club21, Billys Beach House, Temple, Options Tavern and Birdees.
He continues to try and perfect his sound and work on original productions, whilst getting his name out there on the GC and beyond!

The ultimate goal is to make it big overseas (who doesn't these days?), and he will keep giving 100% until that goal is in reach!

You can listen to Taglo's show "INSOMNIA" every thursday night at 9pm, on Radio Metro!