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In Australia, 41 people are diagnosed with blood cancer every day, that is one person every 36 minutes. By the time you watch one of your favourite TV shows, cook dinner or take the dog for a walk, another person has been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer.

The staggering number of new diagnoses every day makes blood cancer the third deadliest form of cancer in Australia. Everyone knows someone who has been affected, whether it’s a close relative, a friend from university or a mutual friend’s daughter, blood cancer is difficult to detect, doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone at any age.

Treatment for blood cancer is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach and in some cases, chemotherapy can be avoided. Providing hope to blood cancer patients are the clinically meaningful outcomes of genomic testing where in two-thirds (61%) of cases, testing resulted in a changed diagnosis, personalised treatment plan or updated prognosis.

With the number of Aussies diagnosed expected to double in the next ten years, equitable access to genomic testing is essential to provide patients with blood cancer a better quality of life and a higher rate of survival.

This Blood Cancer Awareness Month, the Snowdome Foundation is encouraging Aussies to wear red, take a selfie and post to their social media with the hashtag #ItCouldBeMe and create a national conversation around blood cancer. The power of knowledge and communicating between our peers can ultimately save lives and work towards the goal of zero preventable deaths by 2035.