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Wonder Woman Movie Review – Event Cinemas Robina

Going into this movie with the disappointment of Batman V Superman I didn’t hold high hopes for this premiere.

It is much much better although at 2 hours and 21 miuntes long I could cut at least an hour off this movie and still have the same result. In saying that it seemed to miss and jump a lot of scenes leaving a couple of unanswered questions.

The last hour is amazing and what brings this movie back to life. It has action, a big story, gods fighting and a whole lot of Gal Gadot being a badass Wonder Woman. So I can't write it off, it has a great story and holds to it strong. Also brings back my faith in DC movies.

If you’re a DC fan you will pick up the extra characters and small easter eggs. If you’re a regular movie viewer you are still going to enjoy it. Its going to be what you expect without jumping any new hurdles or being ‘edgy’.

For sure go and watch it just don’t expect a 5 star review.


Giving it 3/5


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