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Win a VW Golf R for the Weekend!



To enter, go to our Facebook page & follow the prompts! 



  1. “Win a VW Golf R for the Weekend” promotion run in conjunction with local Gold Coast Radio Station Radio Metro and available from Southport, Robina or Tweed Volkswagen with subject to availability.
  1. The Eligible winner will receive a new or Demonstrator VW Golf R for 1 to 3 days in length, at discretion of the dealer  (the promotion).
  1. All drivers must be over 21 years of age and hold a valid Australian driver’s licence (Eligible Winner). Learner licenses are not accepted. In the event that the dealer discovers at any time the above warranty is untrue or inaccurate in any way, the dealer may prevent the Eligible Winner from taking part in the promotion or may discontinue the Eligible Winner’s participation in the promotion.
  1. By taking part in this promotion, Eligible Winners agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and any additional restrictions imposed by the dealer.
  1. A maximum mileage of 500 km per promotion applies or per instructions from the VW Dealer.
  1. The promotion is subject to the insurance and operational requirements/policies of the dealer. The Eligible Winner is liable to pay the insurance set by the dealer should the Vehicle be involved in an accident and the excess is not recoverable from a third party. Further, if the cost of the repairs is less than the excess amount, and there is not an insurance claim lodged by the dealer, the Eligible Participant undertakes to pay the actual cost of repairs to the dealer.
  1. Eligible Winners are liable for all infringements notices related to the vehicle during the period of the weekend drive promotion.
  1. Radio Metro and Southport, Robina and Tweed VW reserve the right to withdraw the promotion or to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice at any time, for whatever reason and without any liability to Eligible Winners for doing so.
  1. By taking part in this promotion, Eligible Winners agree to provide their personal information to their local Frizelle Sunshine Volkswagen dealer at Southport Robina or Tweed, who will only use it for the purpose of:
    1. Administrating the promotion
    2. Follow up on the promotion to obtain feedback
    3. To market any further offers or promotions to eligible participants in relation to the Golf R promotion.
  1. Eligible Winners should direct any request to access, update, opt-out of direct marketing or correct information to their local VW Dealer.


  1. Eligible Winners agree to take care of the vehicle and return it in the same state as when collected. The eligible Winner will not wilfully or maliciously damage the vehicle in any way.
  1. No accessories or parts are to be removed from or affixed to the vehicle and no other changes may be made to the vehicle.
  1. Smoking is NOT permitted in the vehicle
  1. The Eligible winner will not allow the number of passengers to exceed the number which the vehicle was designed, registered and licensed to carry.
  1. The vehicle is not at any time to be driven while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  1. The eligible winner will ensure that the vehicle is not used in film or video production that is not expressly authorised by the VW Dealer.
  1. If any damage is noted upon delivery, please ensure that it is marked clearly on the delivery document.
  1. The eligible winner must at all times observe and comply with all road and driving related laws, rules and regulations.
  1. The eligible winner is responsible for any tolls, fines, penalties or consumable items (for example diesel) incurred by the eligible winner.
  1. The Eligible Winner agrees to indemnify and hold Volkswagen and the Dealer harmless in respect of any loss, expense, damage, action, proceedings, costs, claims, demands or liabilities which Volkswagen and/or the Dealer may suffer as a result of:
    1. A breach by the Eligible Winner of any of these terms
    2. Any negligent, wilful or reckless act or omission of the Eligible Winner
    3. Any failure by the Eligible Winner to observe road and driving related laws, rules and regulations.