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 Thursdays 8-9pm

Jonny Sonic
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Step right up, kids! Jonny Sonic presents a 13-ring circus of furiously joyous noise. Midwest funk meets Left Coast showmanship as a nine-piece horn section piles atop gigantic bass, contortionist keyboards, and freaky beats of another order entirely. Welcome to The Grit...

From the opening gusts of dueling sub-bass tubas (Upgrade) to the last gasping strains of one of the year's most gorgeous break-up songs (The Shift), these tunes swallow swords, spit fire, and play out a high-stakes drama between a difficult world and a persona who sees clearly, feels deeply, loves fiercely, screams dearly, and pulls no lyrical punches.

Whether decrying addiction (Sickline) and the ephemerality of everything we love (Rugout) or denouncing rape (GenNext) and retail therapy (Buy Everything), Jonny Sonic emcees the proceedings like an unstoppable barker. Alternate acts examine the darkness of depression (Episode), the blunt benefits of a change of psyche (ReVision), and the weird wisdom of one magical Burning Man (Phantasm).

Jonny Sonic's The Grit marks the most ambitious album to date from a mad, musical Jet City genius who never fully left the Motor City. Join one maniacal drummer, three trumpets, two tenors, two bari saxes, two tubas (one appropriately dubbed "The Funk Engine"), and special guest vocalists Chaotic Noise Marching Corps (Conduit), Super Geek League's Vy Agra (The Sale) and Kitty Camaro (The Shift) for the horniest, saxiest, grittiest sonic carnival around. Step right up, kids! Step right up!