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Thursday 10-11pm

Cami Jones Profile Pic August 21



Growing up in Adelaide, Australia, the soundtrack to Cami Jones’ childhood consisted of 90s House music with a mum who played Ministry of Sound CDs on the drive to school. Since then she’s come a long way, having played in numerous renowned venues across the world including Sankeys (Ibiza), Ocean Beach Club (Ibiza), Family Nightclub/Venue EI8HT (Brisbane), The Rainbow Venues (Birmingham), Shelter (London), Rooftop 16 (Tirana) and 360 Lounge Bar (Ayia Napa). 

As a DJ, Cami knows exactly what the crowd wants and when they want it. She takes her listeners on a journey, showcasing a variety of her favourite tunes whilst ensuring the mood of her dancefloor is exactly how she wants it to be- deep, dark and dirty. Her passion for each and every one of the tunes she plays shines through the energy of her sets and whether it be a thumping kick or a deep, dirty bassline, she brings a uniquely educated blend of underground house and techno to the decks. 

With her radio show, The Club House with Cami Jones, on 105.7 Radio Metro hitting the airwaves weekly in Australia for the past two years, Cami has proven that her signature quirky style of thumping bass-infused techno traverses the globe, from Europe to Australia. 

You can join the club and catch ‘The Clubhouse’ every Sunday from 7-8pm on Radio Metro.

For all things Cami Jones, check out her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/djcamijones