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Outer Limits promises a high content of quirky alternative music and Australian artists, and delivers with new releases, album reviews, interviews and culture features.

Expect a leftfield/crossover selection of electro breaks, global beats, chemical funk, acid jazz and trip hop.

It takes an innovative mind and a desire for something fresh and original to step outside the norm and cross to the other side, but the journey’s worth it.

Expand your horizons, explore Outer Limits.

Mistress Kim’s musical pilgrimage began at Auckland Uni’s 95bFM with the notorious Graveyard shift, advancing to presenting a magazine-style guest show. From there it was across the Tasman to Brisbane’s Triple Z, where she hosted the Origin New Music show, before seeking greener pastures with Hott FM's nightly Source Top 20, and finally building sturdy foundations at Radio Metro.

For the last fifteen years, Mistress Kim has found her spiritual home as hostess of Outer Limits, every Tuesday from 9-11pm.