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 IMG 6818 Little J

With a decade in the music industry under her belt, Jesse aka DJ little J has quickly become a hot commodity for everything from high profile, large scale events including the 2018 Commonwealth Games to the coolest nightclubs and trendiest venues in South East Queensland. 

DJ little J started out her DJ journey in 2016 when surgery on her vocal cords caused her to take time out from her full time singing career. After receiving lessons from a local club resident, this fun hobby quickly grew into a passion. Starting out with a regular spot at a local club to hone her craft and pay her dues, little J eventually branched out into residencies all over the coast and performing to huge crowds at upscale corporate events.

Whilst it would have been easy for little J to fall into the popular “female Instagram EDM DJ” category, her heart lies with hip hop and RNB. Old school to new school - the girl has it covered. She began to release live mixes onto SoundCloud and MixCloud, garnering thousands of listens worldwide within a few weeks. Her skills caught the eye of local entertainment group, Together Agency, who quickly signed her up for a residency alongside some of the Gold Coast’s most renowned hip hop & RNB DJs at the Gold Coast’s official #1 nightclub, Rattlesnake as well as many more guest spots. From there she has been honing her craft, building a following and keeping her finger firmly on the pulse in order to kick her goals.

Jesse’s many years as a musician and singer have created the ideal framework for a huge DJ career. Her energy and passion for entertaining is infectious and her understanding of song structures, keys, feels, crowd reading and the music business gives her a distinct advantage over most other DJs. While she describes herself as “just a little white chick who loves hip hop”, DJ little J has a unique love affair with music that exudes every time she hits the stage.